Open Call for street artists (or overall artists who enjoy painting walls) to take part of Ajuokse's V b-day festival by painting the wall of our hangar Ajuokse Avangaar! To take the time to paint the wall but also explore Tartu and participate in our b-day festivities, we are announcing our first micro-residency. You can apply for it here!

Ajuokse micro-residency includes:

  • Private accommodation in Tartu for 9 nights (suitable for one person or partners)
  • Artist fee of €500
  • Travel expenses covered up to €300
  • Production expenses covered
  • Option to give an artist talk during Gallery Night (30.08.2024)
  • Option to participate in the Alternative Art Market (31.08.2024)
The residency period runs from 24.08-02.09.2024 and it takes place in Tartu, Estonia. The aim of Ajuokse micro-residency 2024 is to create a new artwork for Ajuokse Avangaar's wall.
Ajuokse Avangaar wall '23 by GUTFACE and Anton Hudo; photo by Luisa Greta Vilo


Ajuokse Avangaar is a factory of creative experiments in Tartu - its a studio workspace for the members of our collective and also a venue (for events ranging from tattoo flash days to ambient music festivals). You can check out videos of the events here.

Every summer, we have put together a new exhibition on the wall of Ajuokse Avangaar to showcase the artworks of alternative creatives. Since 2023 we have given the exhibition wall to street artists.

The aim of Ajuokse micro-residency 2024 is to create a new artwork for Ajuokse Avangaar's wall. The selected artist will have complete creative freedom for developing the final artwork (but can be offered support for the process if needed!).
ajuokse avangaar wall with approx. measurements

..and the events following up to it.

On 31.08.2024 Ajuokse celebrates its 5th birthday with new exhibitions, live music, performances and an alternative art market.

Alternative art market
 gives artists an opportunity to showcase and sell their work with participants from Estonia and further away. In addition, it serves as a community networking event where artists can connect.

alternative art market 2023, photo by Fotomorgaana

On 30.08.2024, the day before Ajuokse V b-day festival, Aparaaditehas & Kogo gallery organise the traditional Gallery Night event. Its a popular event that encourages the galleries around the area to open up in the evening and offer a special program for the visitors. The night includes many exhibition openings, art tours and artist talks. For our resident, there is an opportunity to give an artist talk and show a preview of their work.

24.08-02.09.24 / staying in Tartu:

26.08-30.08.24 / painting the hangar wall (can also start on 25.08!)

30.08.24 / Gallery Night

31.08.24 / Ajuokse V b-day fest, opening of the new wall artwork & alternative art market

01.09.24 / rewinding

02.09.24 / saa ya later alligator!


Ajuokse V b-day festival is part of the main program of the European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024 and is supported by Aparaaditehas, Cultural Endowment of Estonia and Kuues Planeet.