ajuokse is an alternative creative community based in estonia with a mission to highlight the alternative artists and create output to showcase their work. we represent tattooers, street artists, dj-s, experimental musicians, lowbrow artists etc & we organise exhibitions, different music events, release zines, podcasts, merch etc.

in the summer of 2021 we opened Ajuokse Avangaar in Tartu, which we call the factory of creative experimentation. it serves as a studio, gallery space and also a venue for experimental events. in autumn of 2021, we opened Ajuokse UG store in Aparaaditehas.

check out our youtube for videos of different events, facebook to get information about coming events & instagram for.. well, everything.

btw! Stina Leek, the leading force of ajuokse, was nominated for the tartu culture organiser of the year award in 2020. ♥

might be super strange

might be super cool

photos by: Birgit Kaleva, Rain Amur, Kätlin Luht, Agnes Arumetsa, Stina Leek